The Safe System explained

The Safe System:

The Safe System aims to prevent crashes. But in the event that a crash occurs, it lessens the severity of the personal injury. Click on this link to see an interactive demonstration of the safe system.

The Safe System approach to improving road safety involves a holistic view of the road transport system and the interactions between all types of road users, roads and roadsides, travel speeds, and safe vehicles. It recognises that people will always make mistakes and may have road crashes – but the system should be forgiving and those crashes should not result in death or serious injury.

Please watch the following video message from the Chairman of the Road Safety Council, Iain Cameron :

Now, watch the following video for the visual explanation of the Safe System:

You may also want to watch a more extensive explanation of the Safe System, courtesy of Road Safety Council of Tasmania.

Now, behind the scenes of how the safe system video was filmed:

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